Grant Programs Available to South Howell Ave. Businesses

As a nonprofit economic development organization with a mission of supporting and attracting local business in the airport region, we here at The Gateway To Milwaukee understand the importance of maintaining, supporting, and growing a thriving business corridor that welcomes travelers and locals alike to the region. In support of that mission, we are reaching out to you and your fellow businesses that reside outside of our traditional district boundary north along S Howell Ave (between Layton Ave and Howard Ave) to offer our support to those businesses that may benefit from the following two business support programs:

1. Rapid Response Marketing & Promotional Grant

This program offers up to $250 dollars in matching funds reimbursed toward any and all Marketing & Promotional related expenses your business has incurred since mid-March of this year when the Safer At Home orders were put into effect. Only those expenses that have a corresponding receipt/proof-of-purchase will qualify for this grant reimbursement. See link below for full program description and additional information.
Howell Ave Marketing Grant Info

2. PPE Direct Program

Access to a variety of free personal protective equipment such as disposable 3-ply face masks, reusable blank black or custom branded face masks (produced locally here in the airport district), bulk liquid hand sanitizer, and disposable food-grade nitrile gloves. Please access the full program description and online PPE order form HERE