What’s Going on in the Green Corridor?

The Green Corridor is a multi-year effort between City of Milwaukee departments, civic groups and non-profits, all working to transform S. 6th Street into a model for sustainability. The Green Corridor is also a place to experiment with new technologies before being used on a city-wide or regional level. Here is a brief summary of some the projects that have recently been completed along the Green Corridor, that highlight its’ focus on sustainability:

Urban Orchard: The urban orchard along with a permeable pavement parking lot for the Garden District Farmers’ Market was completed last June. The water drained from the parking lot will be stored in holding tanks and then used to water the orchard, which is home to 80+ fruit trees. Wires and trellises will be installed soon to the island in the middle of the parking lot, to become grape vines.

Solar Flower: The city’s only solar flower was installed last April in the community gardens on S 6th St. This solar flower was funded by a grant from Milwaukee Shines, and will power the Garden District Farmers’ Market, as well as the recycled rainwater stream and pump system that waters the community gardens.

KK River Revitalization: The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District (MMSD), in partnership with Milwaukee County Parks & the 16th St Community Health Center, are working together to improve flood management and public safety by providing channel & bank stability along the KK River, and installing & reviving native vegetation. This project will include Wilson Park Creek, located in the Gateway District.

Central Steel & Wire: The company launched 3 compressed natural gas (CNG) tractors at their Milwaukee Plant, which is located along the Green Corridor in November. These tractors will emit 75% less carbon dioxide emissions than diesel trucks.

Farmers’ Market: This summer, the Garden District Farmers’ Market, will be held every Saturday, in the summer, June 11 through October 15 from 1-5pm. The market is held at the corner of S 6th and Norwich.

Bio Swales: The Gateway to Milwaukee is located in the 13th Aldermanic District, the district with the most bioswales in the City of Milwaukee (53 in total). The Green Corridor prides itself on its use of bioswales to help with infiltrating runoff water into the ground and cleaning it naturally.

LED Street Lights: The area’s first LED streets lights were installed on the Green Corridor, in a test area, on S 9th Street from W Edgerton Avenue to W Abbott Avenue.

Local Art: Last Summer, the Gateway to Milwaukee granted funds to the Garden District Neighborhood Association, supporting an initiative, allowing local youth the opportunity to design and install a crosswalk mural painting connecting the Urban Orchard to the Garden District Farmers Market at 6th and Norwich.

Holiday Wreaths: 30 holiday wreaths were installed last November on light poles throughout the area.

Mayor’s Design Award: The Green Corridor received a Mayor’s Design Award last April.