The Farmhouse Paint & Sip Welcomes You

Have you seen the farmhouse on South 6th Street?

If you’ve happened to find yourself driving on South 6th Street  near W. Layton Avenue over the course of the past year, you’re bound to have noticed what looks like an old farm property – complete with white wooden fence, a big red farmhouse and barn, antique tractor and a large variety of flowers and trees in the yard.  You might even be convinced that you stumbled upon a relic of our state’s agricultural heritage – but don’t be fooled.  What this farm lacks in cows and corn fields, it makes up in one of the most unique group and family-friendly experiences in the City of Milwaukee.

The Farmhouse Paint & Sip brings together the warm and inviting aesthetic of a country farm, with a hip contemporary interior setting and cafe menu.  Recently, we visited Jesus and Thaime – the husband and wife duo who created this one of a kind experience right here in the Gateway.

Why did you choose the Gateway for your business?

“We didn’t plan on starting a business at first,” Thaime said.  “We were just looking for a home here because we really liked the area.”  They found the farmhouse, but it had been abandoned for many years.  The commercial building next to the property came with the purchase of the home and their first thought was to just rent it out.  “We loved the fact that the property and some of the surrounding area had a real rural feel – yet it was located right here in the City of Milwaukee!”  Thaime exclaimed.

As we soon found out, both Thaime and Jesus had a background in the arts – Jesus learned to paint from his mother, and Thaime always had a passion for painting and drawing.  She told us that her family used to go to group paint nights themselves.   The couple found that there was a need in this area for this type of business, as there was no other like it in the Gateway area, thus opening Farmhouse Paint and Sip on December 1, 2016.

They wanted to create harmony in the area (because of their location in the Green Corridor/Garden District) by renovating the farmhouse and building and designing a beautiful natural setting.   Jesus and Thaime created the charm of the building themselves, having the buildings painted the distinctive barn red color, purchasing and painting all the furniture themselves and adding the accents.  The Farmhouse themed colors are bright red, white and teal.  The couple also tapped into the Gateway’s Security and Beautification Matching Grant programs to install additional lighting and landscaping that would add that extra bit of curb appeal to the already attractive business.

What does the Farmhouse Paint & Sip offer people who come here?

  • Painting parties for families, kids, couples, girl’s night out and business owners and their employees.  Individuals can also come in and paint on their own at any time.
  • They have different price ranges and painting on different sized canvases, using easy to work with and washable acrylic paint.  They provide all the supplies.
  • They also offer board painting and people can create their own signs such as garden, welcome and also fun custom signs.
  • They have quite a large room capacity which can accommodate up to 100 people.
  • Both indoor and outdoor painting and party areas
  • There is space for wedding receptions and other parties.  In fact, they will host their first wedding this month and look forward to many more with full catering services available.  A couple can even choose to have their (indoor or outdoor) wedding ceremony here.
  • Live music offered some nights
  • Painting isn’t required to enjoy the Farmhouse atmosphere.  A full bar and food offerings are available and they currently offer sandwiches, soups, salads, fruit and cheese platters and other finger foods.  They will continue to expand on their menu.
  • Soon to offer a unique farm-style breakfast menu.
  • They offer paint classes, not just at their establishment, but at the location of your choosing and will bring all supplies to your establishment.

What do you charge to paint?

Jesus said that, “We offer three different canvas choices – $15.00,  $25.00 and $35.00.”

Kids class on Saturdays and Sundays – 11:30 am –  $25.00 for each child

Thaime and Jesus told us, “We are excited and the neighborhood has been very welcoming and people that come to paint are very nice to work with.”  “We specifically created The Farmhouse Paint & Sip for non-painters to sit down, grab a beverage and relax. “For people who have never painted before or haven’t attempted to paint, we oftentimes find them returning to paint again – no longer being afraid to create their next masterpiece.”

They provide a welcoming and inclusive setting where both children and adults can feel comfortable to build their confidence through painting and the ability to take home a piece of artwork that they themselves created.  Their vision for the Farmhouse Paint & Sip is inspiring the community to come together, pick up a paintbrush and create something both unique and memorable.

Jesus and Thaime invite you, your friends, co-workers and family to take a trip on down to the farm at 4511 S. 6th St, where you can grab a sip, a brush, and a unique experience right here in the Gateway.

For more information visit them on Facebook here, or on their website at

Phone: 414-419-0000