S. 13th St. – W. Oklahoma Ave Business Improvement District Begins Operations

Businesses, property owners, and civic leaders are proud to announce that beginning in 2015, the City of Milwaukee’s newest Business Improvement District will begin enhancing the S. 13th St. and W. Oklahoma Ave area. Spanning S. 13th St. from Cleveland to Morgan Ave. and W. Oklahoma Ave. from S. Chase to S. 15th St., this business district represents a diverse mix of small family-owned businesses, large national brands, industrial operations, retail, and restaurant businesses. The neighborhood surrounding the S. 13th St.-W.  Oklahoma Ave. BID #50 is incredibly diverse and is fortunately situated between Bay View and S. 27th St.

BID leaders believe that this district has a unique character that most Milwaukeeans don’t yet know about, and they are excited to tell their story. Within the BID, there are four grocery stores, two shoe cobblers, an acupuncturist and apothecary, a scuba supply store, a musical instrument store, and a tortilla factory among many others. Milwaukee foodie favorites like Bombay Sweets Vegetarian Restaurant (3401 S. 13th), JC King’s Tortas (3128 S. 13th), Taqueria Arandas (2912 S. 13th) and Tortilleria El Sol (3458 S. 13th) help build an international food hub in the neighborhood. Specialty businesses like the Lincoln Music House (3379 S. 13th), Sana Acupuncture and Apothecary (924 W. Oklahoma) and Cobbler Shoe Service (827 W. Oklahoma) offer services that you cannot find anywhere else in Milwaukee.

BID #50 and Alderman Zielinski have spent a significant amount of time in the past year gathering input from local businesses to determine which projects will have the greatest impact. Through these discussions, we have identified three priority projects that will be pursued. First, to enhance the image of the business district through beautification. Second, to improve the sense of security with a public safety initiative. Third, to market the district for commercial growth.  BID #50 Chairperson, Robert Montemayor, is also the owner and operator of Monterrey Market at 3014 S. 13th St. “Alderman Tony Zielinski worked with me to help bring my grocery store to 13th Street. Moreover, Tony has been very active in promoting development while helping to close down nuisance bars. Now that we have a BID in place and a clear direction, we are excited to get to work improving our area” said Mr. Montemayor.

Beginning in 2015, the S. 13th St-W. Oklahoma Ave BID #50 will contract with The Gateway to Milwaukee to manage its daily affairs and carry out the mission of its stakeholders. The Gateway to Milwaukee also manages Airport Gateway Business Improvement District #40, Aerotropolis Milwaukee, and the Airport Gateway Business Association. Together, these organizations form a strong coalition of business and government leaders working to improve the area.