Jeff Stoll Celebrates 35 Years with The Packing House

On April 15, 1980, Jeff Stoll performed at The Packing House for the first time. Little did he know, he would still be performing at the same supper club, 35 years later and be considered a musical legend in the Milwaukee area.

In 1980, Stoll left his regular, 9-5 full time job, to pursue his passion for music and to perform nightly at The Packing House. The managers and staff at The Packing House made him feel like family almost immediately, and he fell in love with the atmosphere of the South Side supper club.

Chris Wiken, the current General Manager, was only 10 years old when Stoll started his career at The Packing House, and enjoyed watching Stoll as he grew up. Wiken puts it best: “People have come and gone. The crowds have changed. The people have changed. But, Jeff has been one of our constants for a very, very long time.”

Fox 6 featured Jeff Stoll on Studio A. Story here.