IndependenceFirst Offers Business Accessibility Services


IndependenceFirst Offers Business Accessibility Services

With our aging demographics and the need for greater inclusion of people with disabilities into our community, accessibility is a vital consideration for today’s business.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has reinforced the expectation that all businesses shall be accessible.  So the question is, what will your customers think when they enter your building or visit your website?  Will they see a modern accessible place of business they can feel comfortable spending money in, or will they not even be able to make it to the front door?

The intent of the ADA was that over time, even older buildings would become accessible. The ADA does recognize the historic significance of older buildings and there is a process to address accessibility in relation to preserving the historic features of buildings.

When the ADA was signed into law, it was designed to provide flexibility to businesses and organizations on how to improve accessibility in three ways:

  1. New construction must be accessible and includes any new additions to existing structures.
  2. Alterations must improve accessibility.  This is the “if you touch it, you must make it accessible” rule.
  3. Readily Achievable Barrier Removal process.  This recognizes the fact that businesses and organizations may not be able to make their facility 100% accessible right away.  However, the law says that you have an ongoing responsibility to do what can be done when it is readily achievable and at a reasonable cost.

IndependenceFirst, the resource for people with disabilities in the Milwaukee metro area, can help you improve the overall accessibility of your business.  We can perform blueprint reviews for new construction and alterations, assist with planning accessibility improvements, perform ADA surveys for readily achievable barrier removal, and train your staff on how to interact more effectively with people with disabilities.

Our consultation services can help you identify and remove barriers and successfully prepare your business for a rewarding future of maximizing inclusion.

Please contact Brian Peters at 414-937-5912 or to find out more about our services and how we can help you.