Construction Update: Howell Avenue

Earlier this week, the City of Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works shared initial designs for the reconstruction of the stretch of S. Howell Ave from Grange to Layton Ave. This is an important corridor as it is the first and last road seen by travelers flying in and out of Mitchell International. It is also a very busy street for people traveling to the airport, Oak Creek, Cudahy, MATC, and Bay View or downtown for people┬ácoming from the south.

The construction on this specific stretch is scheduled to begin in 2018, but the section from Layton to Howard should begin next year. Grange south through Oak Creek is under construction at the moment. Important changes to Howell include adding a sidewalk on the eastern (airport) side of the road, adding “sharrows” for bicyclists on the right most travel lanes, changing the median island and turn lane shapes, and adding an additional turn lane for 3 of the 4 travel directions at Layton and Howell. ┬áThese plans are in the rough draft phase right now, so the City of Milwaukee DPW is taking the feedback of the public. For feedback, please contact Samuel Medhin at