Business Spotlight – Martin Law Office

With the average annual number of traffic accidents averaging 116,000 in the State of Wisconsin, what better time than now to spotlight Gateway to Milwaukee business association members Kevin Martin and Anthony Skemp of Martin Law Office.

Kevin Martin opened his law firm in Oak Creek in 2012.  He brought on 3 other attorneys over the past seven years to assist clients in one specific area – Plaintiff Personal Injury law.  We talked with both Anthony Skemp and Kevin during our visit.

(Two other attorneys practice law at Martin Law Office who we didn’t get the chance to meet.  They are Michael Jassak, a seasoned and senior attorney who worked for Habush Law firm before coming to Martin Law and Drew Devinney, who came to Martin Law soon after graduating from law school.)

After sitting down with Kevin, we discovered that he is one of a very few attorneys who is not only a practicing attorney, but also a Registered Nurse.  As a nurse, he has had experience working in cardiac care units and a burn center in Milwaukee.   Kevin told us, “I never realized how much of an advantage being a nurse would be in the field of law and especially as a personal injury attorney.”  “Having the expertise in both fields has helped me to speak with clients with the care and compassion that I have as a nurse and has also helped immensely with depositions, reading medical records, and when a case goes to trial.”  “We work with people who are hurt and make things better.”

Why did you decide to change careers Kevin?

“I took a class in my senior year of undergraduate nursing school on the legal and ethical aspects of nursing care, and I became fascinated with this type of law and also Tort Law.”  I went on to teach this class for close to a decade at Concordia University.”   “The study of math and science came quite easily for me and then…I discovered I loved the law.”

How about you, Tony, tell us about yourself

I joined Kevin’s firm in December of 2016 but have known Kevin since about 2002.   I was working with Ric Domnitz, first with another law firm and then joined Ric with Domnitz and Skemp.  Ric was my mentor and then associate.  I went to undergraduate school and studied business but discovered, too, that I enjoyed the law.  I was a basketball coach for a college basketball team before heading to law school.  I’m originally from LaCrosse, where most of my relatives are lawyers, my grandfather, father, uncle and two cousins!

“I met Kevin when I was charged with the task of finding a law clerk for the firm I was working for at the time.  We knew it was rare that you would ever find someone who was going to law school who was also a nurse.  So, we hired Kevin to work with us while he finished law school.  Kevin could dissect a medical record better than anyone I knew, and as you know, medical records are very important in personal injury law.”

You are so passionate about the practice of law– tell us more about what you do?

Kevin continued, “As a practicing attorney, I’m able to sit down with a client and listen to their story.  They are oftentimes hurt and frustrated and can get lost in the legal system with things they don’t understand. I want to make sure I provide them with good information and an honest evaluation so that they can make an informed decision about their case.  I love being an advocate for my clients.  I want very much to bring them the best outcome.  A good attorney will make sure that the client doesn’t feel like an outsider and are part of and feel in charge of the process.”

How did you decide to bring your law practice to the Oak Creek area?

“I was born and raised in Milwaukee and went to school at Milwaukee’s Juneau High School,” Kevin shared. “The first law firm I worked for had offices in both Milwaukee and Kenosha, so I moved to Oak Creek from Ozaukee County and fell in love with this area.  I enjoy the community and have watched this area continue to grow and we’re glad to be a part of that. There is something for everybody on this side of Milwaukee County now.”

“I had been working for Ric Domnitz and then Cannon and Dunphy for 7-1/2 years.  I decided that there weren’t really many personal injury law firms between Racine and Downtown Milwaukee, so the market was here.  It was important for me to bring high-quality board-certified attorneys to this area where there weren’t many attorneys available.  People have told me that our office is easy to get to, just a few blocks from I-94 with no traffic or parking hassles.  Being a part of the community is also very important for me and the other attorneys in our firm.  My family and I live in Oak Creek, and we are involved and support the Oak Creek area and its surrounding communities.”   “Our greatest philanthropic effort is supporting the schools in the area.  We discovered that many students who go to school in the area will come back to this area to live, even if they continue their education elsewhere.  I also have volunteered with afterschool mock trial activities.”

 Why should someone seek out your law firm?

“Part of owning a business is distinguishing your business from others,” Kevin said.   Kevin told us that no other attorney in the state of Wisconsin that they know of, is a registered nurse and a Board Certified trial lawyer.  They are AB rated with Martindale/Hubble and a member of ABOTA – American Board of Trial Advocates.

Tony said, “there are a lot of good personal injury attorneys in the Milwaukee area, Ric Domnitz being one of the best – but we offer people convenience in our location, and offer a supportive environment developing a great rapport with our clients.  The advice I would give anyone looking for an attorney, make sure you have a good working relationship with your lawyer.”

“So many people have commented throughout the years that they appreciate not having to drive a long distance to find lawyers of our caliber.  Kevin continued, “We represent people throughout the state of Wisconsin, and we will go to a client when they are unable to come to our office.”   I wanted to end by saying that staff members do a wonderful job with our clients too, and we appreciate all they do to get us the information we need to properly handle our clients’ cases.”

Tony reiterated, “You will always meet with a lawyer at our law firm first, and we actively work with our staff so that they are completely aware of a client’s case.”

Tony wanted to make sure that he concluded by saying, “The best advice I can give anyone who will be reading this article is to make sure that you are covered with automobile insurance and especially have uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage.  Also, I strongly suggest people look into medical payments coverage because it’s inexpensive to get it, and it can pay for a lot if you should become injured and need to cover a lot of medical bills.”

Kevin finished by saying, “It almost seems surreal that 6-1/2  years ago, I went out on this venture,  with just a paralegal working with me, and there are now four attorneys and twelve staff members in what everyone knows is a very competitive market, plaintiff personal injury law.”


We do hope that none of you, our readers, find yourself in a situation where you would need to meet with a personal injury attorney, but if do, take the time to consult with an attorney.

Martin Law Office will be happy to offer you a consultation before making any legal or insurance decisions.


The mission of the Martin Law Office is to provide the community with compassionate, zealous and knowledgeable legal representation in the area of plaintiff’s personal injury law.

Located at:

7280 S. 13th Street  #102

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