Bryan Simon Receives Awards for Sustainability Projects

Bryan Simon, an active member of AGBA (Airport Gateway Business Association) and AGBID (Airport Gateway Business Improvement District #40), has been hard at work in the Gateway, as well as in Greater Milwaukee, using his talent and passion for sustainability projects to better the community.

Bryan is the mastermind behind the Garden District Community Garden’s green features. On May 8, Alderman Witkowski hosted a press conference to unveil the Green Corridor’s new solar flower array. This solar flower was funded by a grant from Milwaukee Shines, and will power the Garden District Farmers’ Market, as well as the recycled rainwater stream and pump system that waters the community garden.

On May 20, 2015, Bryan Simon, along with Samer Abulughod, Jim Tarantino, Dawn Riegel, & Alderman Witkowski, received a Mayor’s Design Award for the Green Corridor. And, on April 15, 2015, Bryan, along with a group from HOME GR/OWN Milwaukee, was presented with the Brewers Community Foundation Public Space Award at the MANDI (Milwaukee Awards for Neighborhood Development Innovation) Awards for their work on Ezekiel Gillespie Park, as well as a Mayor’s Design Award on May 20.

Once a vacant lot located on 14th & Wright on the city’s North Side, Ezekiel Gillespie Park, has been transformed from a local eyesore to a beautiful, community garden with fruit trees and flowers. The garden has many sustainable features, including a system that collects rainwater and filters that water into the garden. Bryan is a huge advocate for sustainable green infrastructure, and was also the mastermind behind this rainwater system.

Both projects have received prestigious honors, and have been used as models for other community gardens throughout the region. Thank you for all that you’ve done to continue to make the Gateway a beautiful place to live, work, and visit Bryan!

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