Can we prevent another FAA travel disaster?

Chicago’s recent travel disaster stemmed from the actions of one employee’s sabotage of an FAA facility in suburban Aurora.  Since then, close to 3,000 flights have been cancelled at O’Hare and Midway Airports because this facility provided the air traffic control service for Chicago’s shared airspace.  Today we learned that the FAA “hopes to return the facility to full service by Oct. 13” which is more than 2 weeks of disruption.  Consider how much time and money has been lost because of the senseless act of one individual.  As with any tragedy, there is now an opportunity to prevent events like this from happening again.

What if we had redundant FAA operations for Greater Chicago at Milwaukee’s Mitchell Airport?  MKE is only 72 miles north of O’Hare and already shares the same airspace as Chicago.  Milwaukee has it’s own FAA operations, so why couldn’t this function be expanded to duplicate the air traffic control of the Aurora, IL facility and vice versa?

Many civic and government leaders understand the importance of collaboration across the Illinois-Wisconsin border, and here is an opportunity to put that sentiment to work and prevent future travel disasters.