Safe Start Program

What is the Safe Start Program?

The Gateway Safe Start Program offers a variety of FREE personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as grant funding to support health and safety related upgrades to their facility to meet or exceed guidelines for COVID-19 business re-opening. Qualified businesses can apply to one or more of the following three resource areas offered under the Gateway Safe Start Program listed below:

1. Rapid Response Marketing & Promotions Grant: 50% matching reimbursement of marketing, advertising and promotional related expenses (maximum grant of $500 per business).

2. PPE Direct: Access to a variety of FREE personal protective equipment and products based on number of employees, business occupancy capacity and other factors. These supplies include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Reusable high-quality polyester facemasks for your staff/employees.
      • These masks are produced right here in the district by RAM Group and purchased by the Gateway To Milwaukee. We are able to offer these masks in black with no branding, or may also be able to add your logo/brand to the mask for a small fee and extended production time. These masks will be limited at this time to three masks per employee.
    • Disposable 3-ply facemasks
    • Disposable latex gloves
    • Plastic Face Shields
    • Hand Sanitizer

3. Safe-Start Facility Improvement Grant: 50% matching reimbursement of expenses relating to facility safety upgrades including (but not limited to) installation of plexiglass partitions and contracted sanitation services (maximum grant of $1000 per business).

Does Your Business Qualify?

Qualified businesses are those that are physically located within the Airport Gateway Business Improvement District (BID) geography in the City of Milwaukee.

  • view BID map to verify that you are located within its boundaries.