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Our Member Directory represents the broad range of organizations that do business in The Gateway. With our ideal geographic location and access to intermodal transportation assets, The Gateway to Milwaukee attracts entrepreneurs, investors, and support from beyond the official borders of our business district.

To learn more about who’s working in The Gateway to Milwaukee, search our Member Directory below.

Keystone Click is a digital marketing agency that provides you with the online tools and resources to help your business grow—that means the kind of growth you want most. We are a sales-driven digital marketing agency focused on increasing your bottom line ROI with real results. As a digital marketing agency, our goal is to generate more leads through digital marketing activities - but not just any leads. We are driven to provide you with what you need to bring in targeted leads that convert into actual customers. With all the necessary tools and information at our disposal, we provide you with a marketing funnel that continues to produce.

Keystone Click
207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 300
Milwaukee, WI 53202



AdBidtise is a virtual advertising marketplace to buy affordable advertising options. Advertising is a necessary investment. AdBidtise can teach you how to survive, succeed and grow your business. AdBidtise helps you compare various advertising options so that you can afford it. They will assist you through the advertising process so that you will understand and have confidence in the advertising you choose to do for your business. Training programs available for individuals and groups. Contact Katherine Ramirez at

2018 South 1st Street, Suite 222
Milwaukee, WI 53207

866.607.0767 Ext. 707

Fast Signs of Greenfield

Design & produce effective signs, graphics, and promotional advertising products that get your company or event noticed.

Fast Signs of Greenfield
7444 W. Holmes Ave
Greenfield, WI 53220


Paragon Printing & Graphics

Paragon Printing & Graphics provides printing services to companies of all sizes, both locally and nationally from small to very large printing including printing books. In addition, they are able to assist firms with marketing ideas, and other products and services such as mailings, design and fulfillment.

Paragon Printing & Graphics
4124 S. 13th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53221


Silverwater Productions

Silverwater Productions is a business that offers video production, photography and graphic design work in and around Southeast Wisconsin. SilverWater productions consistently delivers creative, engaging and effective video and photo content to their clients. They have two offices, one in Milwaukee and the home base in Sheboygan County. They serve all of Wisconsin providing value and purposeful communication through vibrant visual media. Their professional and accessible team crafts effective marketing and advertising solutions using a variety of digital media tools.

Silverwater Productions
1850 W. Fond du Lac Avenue Suite 3
Milwaukee, WI 53205