Improve the Image of The Gateway District

The Gateway district offers visitors a first impression of Southeast Wisconsin.  People from all over the world land at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport.   The beautification plan offers the vision and guiding principles for landscaping improvements around the airport region.

Not only do the Gateway’s beautification projects create an attractive and welcoming atmosphere, but also invites visitors and the community to invest time and money in local businesses in the area.

The Gateway to Milwaukee offers a Beautification Grant for businesses located in BID District #40,  This grant offers up to 50% of the cost of your project, up to $1,000.

Examples of just some of the items a Beautification Grant could cover would be:

Siding/trim repair or replacement, painting, masonry repairs, window repair, exterior building signage, awnings, permanent shrubbery, trees or flowers, stonework, decorative fencing, planters, exterior lighting, fountains, murals, or other permanent art.

 Beautification Grant Application 2020

If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact us at 414-455-3323 or e-mail at






East Layton Ave.

The Gateway to Milwaukee plans to implement changes over time to improve the aesthetics of E. Layton Ave.  This is an important corridor,  where the Lake Parkway and Howell Avenue is within the Cities of Milwaukee, St. Francis, Cudahy, and is the northern border of the airport and also connects to a State highway.  This area requires a collaborative approach to beautification, so we have assembled a project team that includes the government parties with influence on beautification work as well as several landscape architects, and members of The Gateway to Milwaukee Beautification Committee.

West Layton Ave.

The Gateway to Milwaukee installed landscaped medians along W. Layton and S. 5th Street. Featuring blue arches to continue our selected theme of water and motion, the medians cap a significant, long-term project to beautify West Layton Ave. from Howell Ave. to I-94.   The Gateway to Milwaukee will continue to invest in gardens, medians, artwork, murals and other landscape features. and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the impact of these projects.

The Green Corridor

The Green Corridor is a multi-year effort  transforming S. 6th Street into a sustainable technology best practice destination. Working with City of Milwaukee departments, civic groups, and non-profits, this group of volunteers has successfully installed permeable sidewalks and parking lots, an ever-expanding farmers’ market, a community garden, solar installations, and other storm water management technologies. The Green Corridor is also a place to experiment with new technologies to perfect their application before being scaled up on a city-wide or regional level.  The Gateway to Milwaukee has sponsored Green Corridor signage and street signs along S. 6th Street too.   The Gateway to Milwaukee will continue to collaborate with The Green Corridor with its efforts.   For more information on existing projects and planned future improvements, please visit the interactive map at the link below.

Interactive Map of the Green Corridor

W. Layton Ave. Railroad Bridge

To improve the appearance of the railroad bridge over W. Layton Ave. at 10th Street, The Gateway to Milwaukee has sponsored the cleaning and repainting of the structure. The railroad bridge remains a  reminder of our valuable transportation assets.  Under the bridge is a mural created in 2017, specifically to remind us that The Gateway to Milwaukee District is also part of the Garden District.


If you have ideas to help improve The Gateway business district, or would like to offer feedback on current initiatives, let your voice be heard as a member of The Gateway to Milwaukee Business Association.