What is the Facility Health & Safety Improvement Grant?

The Gateway To Milwaukee organization is here to serve you, the business and commercial property owners of the Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport region. As a part of our effort to support area businesses that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, The Gateway is now offering the Facility Health & Safety Improvement Grant.

Businesses located within the Airport Gateway Business Improvement District #40 (BID 40) can now apply through this application form for a 50% matching reimbursement (max of $1,000) on expenses relating to business facility health & safety upgrades.

Some examples of the types of expenses this grant can reimburse for are listed (but NOT limited to) the following items, services and installations for your business and/or commercial property:

  • Plexiglass barriers or partitions
  • Contracted sanitation services for deep clean of business interior prior to opening public common areas, eat-dining areas, etc.
  • Cleaning equipment & supplies
  • Hand sanitizer and wall-mounted sanitizer dispensers
  • Air Filters, air filter upgrades or other HVAC repairs or upgrades to improve the air quality of your business.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • OR any other product or service you can think of that would help you prepare your business to be a safe and healthy environment for your staff and customers.

***SPECIAL NOTE: The Gateway To Milwaukee can provide a limited supply of PPE to your business through our “PPE DIRECT” program. For more information, please see our PPE Direct Program website page to complete the application and order form for your business.

Does my business qualify for this program? 

Qualified businesses are those that are physically located within the Airport Gateway Business Improvement District (BID) geography in the City of Milwaukee. See BID map HERE to verify that you are located within its boundaries.

How do I apply for the Facility Health & Safety Grant?

Step 1 – Complete application form and email to LEIF@GATEWAYTOMILWAUKEE.COM.

Step 2 – After completing and submitting your application via email, you must wait for the confirmation that your application has been received and “APPROVED” prior to starting your project or making purchases that you listed in your “Project Description”.

Only projects that you have listed in the “Project Description” section of this application and that have then been approved by the Gateway To Milwaukee can be considered for the 50% matching reimbursement (max of $1,000).

Step 3 – Once you have received a confirmation that your application has been approved, you may begin your project at any time (please allow 24-48 hours for your application to be reviewed and your confirmation to be sent to you via email).

Step 4 – Upon completion of your project, and after all payments have been made – please email copies of your proof-of-payment for all products or services that you listed in your application showing that you have paid for all products or services in full.

Step 5 – Once the proof-of-payment has been received via email, your grant reimbursement check will be mailed to the address listed in your application. (please allow 2-4 business days for delivery of your reimbursement check).

***SPECIAL NOTE: For those businesses that had made health & safety related improvements or purchases for their business PRIOR to the start of this program (May 27th, 2020) but AFTER the Wisconsin Safer At Home orders began on March 25th, you can submit those expenses with this application in the “Project Description” section.  To be reimbursed for these previous expenses, you must provide proof of payment for all product purchases or contracted service payments.

Where to submit a project application by email:

Leif Otteson – Executive Director
Gateway to Milwaukee