Swirl, Sip and Learn Wine and Food Pairings: 10/17

Name of the Class: Swirl, Sip and Learn Wine and Food Pairings!

Date: Saturday, October 17, 2015

Time: 2pm to 3:30pm

Cost: $50.00 per Person

Ever wonder what people mean when they say a wine has high acid? How about tannin? Join us to explore the components of wine and the words professionals use to describe these nuances. You will never be confused about wine again. We will swirl, sip, and learn about what makes wine taste good and how we discover what tastes good to us. LearnĀ topics such as grape varietals, wine styles, food pairings, and tasting wine easy to understand.

This class is hosted by our member,

Superior Equipment & Supply

4550 S Brust Ave,

St Francis, WI 53235