Human Trafficking/Active Shooter Presentation Video

The Gateway to Milwaukee held Human Trafficking/Active Shooter presentations in April of this year.  This was our fourth year presenting this type of program.   Turnout for this year’s training presentations was impressive, and for those of you who were unable to attend, or attended and would like to revisit – we offer the presentation and training by way of video content from that day’s program. We welcome you to view and share this information with colleagues, coworkers and anyone else you feel may benefit from watching these presentations.

Human Trafficking Information was presented by:

Joshua Beaton

W.R.A.P (Wisconsin Regional Anti-Trafficking Program), Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinator, UMOS

What you will learn during the Human Trafficking portion of the video :

–  The complexities of the issue of human trafficking in Wisconsin

– Human Trafficking indicators and where human trafficking occurs

– Sex and labor trafficking will be defined and the trauma associated with the experience explained

– Gain practical skills on screening and identification through case studies

– How sex and labor trafficking affects work and the community

– How you can help with this issue and serve victims of Human Trafficking which will include safety planning and resources available throughout the state.

Active Shooter Information was Presented by:

Joshua Dummann & Carlos Felix

Police Officers from MPD District #6

What you will learn in this portion of the video:

-Causes for work place violence/active shooters

-Identifying an active shooter

-Who is at risk

-Safety Goals

-Developing an action plan

-Active shooter scenario

Here is the Video: