5 Steps to Build Trust in the Workplace – presented by Positive Polarity

March 20th at 11:45 am
at the
Better Business Bureau
for education and networking!

Without trust, your team won’t be engaged, neither will your clients. And what is left without a team and clients? To complicate matters, each personality type trusts something different, so we must learn that too! In this fast paced executive briefing, we will explore:


  1. What each personality type trusts and how different each person really is
  2. The true cost of not having trust in the workplace
  3. 5 simple steps to improve trust that you can use right away when you get back to your office


If you ever have experiences any trust issues, then you won’t want to miss this! If you are not sure about trust in your workplace, then all the more reason to stop out, network, enjoy lunch and stimulating conversation all compliments of  Positive Polarity!

Call or e-mail DAVE to register for this event.


Make sure to bring some business cards for networking and to enter to win a free book!

When you arrive, please plan on parking on the SOUTH entrance to the BBB.