Business Spotlight – PetU

Did you know that last Thursday was National Love Your Pet Day? It had us thinking about our furry, four-legged friends and those who care for them. In the Gateway area, Angela Trzcinski, owner of PetU, and her staff are just that group! Let’s take an in-depth look at what sets PetU apart from other dog service providers in the Milwaukee area.

Pet “U”, as in University:
Founded on K9 education, PetU is a dog school, and training is at the heart of everything they do. All training options are customized for each dog and family. “We are a practical real-life training center. We do evaluations to determine what it is the family wants and needs, and what the dog is capable of,” Angela explains. To complement this training through socialization, PetU offers daycare as well. The goal is to provide fun and exercise, while staying true to their training core and reinforcing good manners throughout the day. PetU also offers boarding, which means clients can feel confident their dogs will be well taken care of should they need to get away (includes a bath, nail trim and clean-up before they head back home). Angela stresses, “we are not a doggie daycare center; we are a training school, a dog school. The dogs come here to learn, not just run amuck. Once they are in the PetU family and familiar with the roles and what is expected, it is so easy; stress-free for the dog and the parents.” PetU serves as a resource for everything dog related that can improve the bond between owner and K9. Angela describes it as “the bridge in the relationship between family and dog.”

Clients are #1:
It was clear, after hearing from Angela, that asking questions and listening to client’s ideas was very important to the uniqueness and success of PetU. For instance, Angela added full-service daycare on Saturdays at all three PetU locations. This offering came about by being attentive to clients’ needs, “we listen and help to accommodate. When they have suggestions and ask for something, we definitely research it.” Angela has her clients in mind when making decisions not only on the services she provides, but also on the employees she hires, and the products sold at PetU. She points out, “I really take pride in who I hire, how they interact with the clients, how they interact with the dogs. Taking that time is so important to give quality services.” Angela emphasizes they are not a ‘big-box store.’ She vets each item available for purchase, “it is with extreme intention that we have the products we have.” Dogs and their owners can be rest assured that Angela will steer them to only high quality-trusted food, treats, toys and training equipment.

Recent Facelift:
Looking to upgrade and renovate some exterior components of her business location, Angela turned to The Gateway to Milwaukee to take advantage of multiple grant programs. “Utilizing the beautification grant was fabulous. And having the opportunity to upgrade my signage was the greatest thing that ever could have happened,” she shared. Leif Otteson, Executive Director with The Gateway to Milwaukee, worked with Angela offering recommendations and guidance on all aspects of the process. Angela installed a beautiful new sign, new bright blue awnings on the front of the building and upgraded exterior lighting. The awning option was a suggestion made by The Gateway, and Angela mentioned, “it was a great decision, because I never would have thought to add that little touch.” Even 6 weeks after install was completed, neighbors and clients continue to compliment Angela on the changes she has implemented. “People are loving it,” which Angela says was her goal.

Bright Future on the Horizon:
The doors opened at the first PetU location on South Howell Avenue on June 25, 2012. Like any successful business, PetU set ambitious goals to foster growth and development. Angela explained, “our goal was that in nine years we would have three locations running.” In just four and one-half years PetU had (still has) locations in Milwaukee, Racine and Glendale. Angela went on to tell us, “my goal is to franchise PetU. I would love to take this to the next level and share what we offer here locally to everyone, hopefully within the next two years, at my 10-year mark!”

Here is a list of the products and services PetU can provide you and your K9 family members. For additional information please visit

  • Customized Dog Training (options include class setting, one-on-one training, board and train program)
  • Flexible Daycare (full day or ½ day programs, flexible hours, Saturday daycare available at all locations)
  • Boarding (dogs receive a bath, nail trim and are freshened up before pick-up)
  • Retail items: dog food, treats, toys, training products (each item is handpicked with great intention)

Get in touch with the pet-lovers at PetU:

Milwaukee Location: 6120 S. Howell Ave., Milwaukee 53207
Milwaukee Phone: (414) 766-1100
Milwaukee Email:

Racine Location: 2625 Eaton Lane, Racine 53404
Racine Phone: (262) 619-0109
Racine Email:

Glendale Location: 727 W. Glendale Ave. Ste 600, Glendale, 53209
Glendale Phone: (414) 967-5857
Glendale Email: