Business Spotlight – New Year, New You, New Location for Sweeney’s Gym

Was your New Year’s Resolution to

  • Get in shape?
  • Join a fitness facility?
  • Get into a exercise routine?
  • Work out more?

Still located in the Gateway Region, just north of College Ave., Mike Sweeney’s Gym is bigger, brighter and filled with all the essential fitness equipment you will need to keep those fitness resolutions.  

 Many in the Gateway Region know Mike Sweeney.  He has been part of the Airport Gateway Community since 2006, when he moved to the lower level of the Clarion Hotel.  He is also a long-time member of the Airport Gateway Business Association.  For those of you who don’t know Mike, he is known in the Airport Region as the “Fitness Guru.”

He started his fitness regime as a teenager, using his earnings to acquire fitness equipment from his then employer, Baker Pool & Fitness, and utilizing a garage as his first fitness center for training others in this setting.  “Throughout those early years, I learned from most everyone who I had the opportunity to meet, receiving information and education along the way regarding health and fitness.”


What makes your new location different from a typical gym setting?

“This facility has over 6,000 square feet of work out space and we still offer 24/7 gym access.”  We not only have the indoor work out and fitness class space but also have an outdoor area known as our fit patio that we use during the warmer months for fitness classes, outdoor grilling, along with a smoothie bar, which is unique to the area.”  And, there’s plenty of free parking.


Some of the equipment we have at our gym includes a chest press, tri-cep machine, free weights, cardio equipment, treadmills, ellipticals, bikes including recumbent bikes, stair-steppers, and a full body press – (and according to Mike) the first in the State of Wisconsin.  We also have a large movie screen in one section of the building.  Other amenities that will be added over the coming months will be showers, changing areas and lockers.


“It is a natural human behavior, you know, that feeling of being accepted and being a part of a community, and I make sure everyone feels they are in a welcoming environment at Sweeney’s Gym.”

Mike greets everyone by name at his gym and during our interview, Mike greeted everyone warmly who walked past.  He refers to his business as being a place where he knows everyone and is part of a fitness community.

What do you believe is the key to great health and fitness, Mike?

“If you want to look good, you train and eat in a certain way.”  New Choices can change you.

We all get into habits and fitness needs to become a habit with a person for it to work.

“If you want to be fit, you don’t need to spend an entire day at the gym.”  “You can be fit in as little as a hour workout, along with training right and eating right.”  “And, you definitely don’t need to make the gym your life.”

Combining Good Food and Exercise

Mike calls himself a life coach, personal trainer, and even a chef.  He loves cooking and creating his own recipes, and smoothie concoctions.  He offers consultations as well as recipe sharing.  Mike doesn’t believe that you necessarily need to eat everything organic to eat healthy.  He shared this.  “Check out the ingredients in the food before you purchase it.   Eat good by trying to limit foods with additives.”  Mike doesn’t believe in counting calories or carbs but he does count proteins and tries to find a balance.  It becomes a natural routine to exercise and watch what you eat.

How do you continue to be a part of the Gateway Region?

My approach is to continue to expand and thrive in this community.  Being involved in the community will naturally allow a business to thrive.  Work in the community, work with businesses and make the area a better place.  Business people want to know each other, so my approach is to get out and continue to be active in the Airport Gateway Region, whether it’s through continuing to be on the Board of the Airport Gateway Business Association, staying active with the safety and security of the area, through community fundraisers or just getting to know other businesses.

As Mike concluded our conversation, he mentioned that, “People come to this gym from all walks of life and there have also been nationally known WWE and other celebrities who have worked out at Sweeney’s Gym throughout the years.”  “Travelers can find a convenient place to come to work out that’s just a few blocks from General Mitchell International Airport.”


Over the years, Sweeney’s Gym has developed and evolved from amateur training in Mike’s garage as a teen, to a successful business that continues to grow and evolve.

Mike emphasized that Sweeney’s Gym remains a community space, and he encourages people to contact him to use the space not only for fitness needs but also for events, parties, fundraisers, and meetings that you are planning in the future.


Sweeney’s Gym brand encompasses a sense of community, comfort, and continues in its new location to offer a no hassle gym experience.   Visit them at:

6050 S. Howell Avenue

Milwaukee, WI  53207