The Gateway to Milwaukee Drives Our Economy Forward

The Gateway to Milwaukee represents the area surrounding Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport. Our organization brings together businesses, government officials, and community leaders to develop a prosperous, connected business district.

Our Vision for a Thriving Gateway

By leveraging our locational advantages and bringing together our community, we will enhance the economic vitality of our business district. To fuel this vision, we have worked to raise the visibility of our area, market development projects, bring together hotels to create a joint marketing effort, and have promoted the development of Aerotropolis Milwaukee.

Organizational Goals

The Gateway to Milwaukee works tirelessly to raise the value of the Mitchell Airport business district.  To guide our vision, the organization has established the following goals:

  • Actively impact government direction
  • Enhance community image through safety and beautification
  • Market and develop The Gateway district for economic growth
  • Network for mutually beneficial opportunities
  • Increase the value of businesses and commercial property

2019 Year in Review

Current Initiatives

Members of The Gateway to Milwaukee gather annually to draft a number of strategic initiatives that will provide focus for our actions. In 2015, members will:

  • Pursue catalytic redevelopment projects & initiatives
  • Broaden beautification planning & implementation
  • Leverage ongoing Aerotropolis Milwaukee projects to benefit the business district
  • Continue security patrol program and implement security system grant for the Security Committee
  • Positively impact government direction
  • Complete hospitality analysis and begin marketing plan for the Hospitality Committee
  • Promote The Gateway district and organizational accomplishments
  • Retain and grow membership
  • Pursue collaboration with other business/civic groups
  • Plan for the independence of Aerotropolis Milwaukee as it becomes a self-sustaining entity

If you’d like to help shape the future of The Gateway business district, join The Gateway to Milwaukee.

Where’s The Gateway District?

Geographically, “The Gateway” refers to the area around General Mitchell International Airport, a sprawling district that includes an Amtrak station, numerous hotels, trucking terminals, warehouses, manufacturers, and more. Although we are The Gateway to Milwaukee, our business district includes parts of St. Francis, Oak Creek, and Cudahy.

Access to intermodal transportation, particularly through the airport, continues to bring people into the area and drives businesses to locate here. Every new arrival in The Gateway represents an opportunity to retain existing businesses, develop entrepreneurial efforts, and attract new businesses.

A Brief History of The Gateway to Milwaukee

In 2005, the City of Milwaukee’s 13th District Alderman and ten business owners formed the Airport Gateway Business Association, or AGBA, to revitalize the area around the airport. The City of Milwaukee approved Airport Gateway Business Improvement District #40, or AGBID, in 2006. Today, AGBA and AGBID position themselves together as The Gateway to Milwaukee, a business association that will market the district as an attractive environment for consumers and travelers, further community relations, and support local business development efforts.